Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shaiya Philippines Multi Client Alternative

Hello everyone, I've been looking everywhere for the multi client and gameguard bypass of shaiya phillipines and still no luck. I have tried using some 3rd party programs like ollydbg and etch editing the game.exe but I failed. During work, I have realized that there is an alternative that can be done via virtualization technology but requires a decent pc desktop specification. Here's how I did it.

You need:

Choose Virtualization software

ISO of desired Operating System
Windows XP
Windows 7

I personally use VMware and Windows XP ISO, so im gonna show you how to do it.

Download and install VMWare.
Open the VMware Player
Create a New Virtual Machine
Install OS later
Choose Microsoft Windows / Windows XP Professional
If you're gonna use this just for Shaiya, alot 20 HDD space and store as a single file.
Click Custumize Hardware
Minumim Memory should be 1024 or 1GB
CD/DVD ROM, Use ISO image file and locate it
Network Adapter should be NAT
Play the Virtual Machine and wait for the installation to finish.

Install the Shaiya Philippines game client
Install VMware tools.
Reboot and start playing!

Screenshot of working Dual Client via VMWare

Should there be any questions, Post a comment and I will be happy to help.

Mark Achel Gagalac

Friday, January 14, 2011

Backtrack - Cracking WEP UPDATE

In this episode of Full Disclosure, Nox and I describe four improved methods of cracking WEP encryption: the ARP Request Replay Attack, Fragmentation Attack, Caffe Latte Attack, and Hirte Attack. The ARP Request Replay Attack and the Fragmentation Attack are known as clientless attacks because they do not require a client to be connected to the wireless AP. To initiate the attack, these two attacks only require one data packet. The Caffe Latte Attack and the Hirte Attack are client-based attacks because they specifically target clients to increase the IVs. Also, we show an improved method of cracking the IVs called the PTW cracking method. With the PTW method, WEP encryption can be cracked 80% of the time with only 60,000 IVs.

Live Streaming


Mark Achel Gagalac

Improve Blogger PageRank by Optimizing Post Page Title

Blogger blogs are having an SEO issue with the post page tittle, which can diminish SERPs and PageRank . Have a look at the following example from Google results for a particular blog .
Funny thing is that its a blog about Search engine optimization.
Click here to view the image

In the results for each pages, post page tittles are shown only after the blog headings which separates them with a ” :” sign ( hope the point is clear ) . To get in top results for a particular post , you need to remove the repetitive blog heading from post tittle .
See the results that i am getting for my blog which uses a blogger custom domain .
Click here to view the image

As each post is having its own title , chances are there for the results to be in top pages.Now we can do this by performing a simple edit on blogger template .

Open edit HTML section .

Now press Ctrl+F and search for <title><data:blog.pagetitle/></title> .
Replace that code with the code in the following box and save your template.
<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'><title><data:blog.title/></title><b:else/><title><data:blog.pageName/></title></b:if>

Well it does not mean that this trick will improve blogger PageRank to a great level . It depends on quality of your backlinks, content and many other factors .


Mark Achel Gagalac